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Why Should Brands Care About Referrals?

In the age of algorithms and disinformation, brands are facing an increasingly competitive landscape. Customers are more connected than ever before, and they are bombarded with artificially generated sales and marketing content. This makes it difficult for customers to discern what products are the best fit for them. It is more important than ever for customers to be able to trust the information they are exposed to.

Brands need to be creative and innovative in their marketing efforts, and they need to find ways to connect with customers on a personal level. What is more personal than getting a recommendation from a friend?

As referrals come from people who the customers know and trust, customers are more likely to find something they are happy with. Referrals are a valuable resource that brands can utilise to help their customers find the best products and services.​

Why Should Customers Care About Referrals?

  • Referrals are more credible than other forms of marketing. When someone you trust refers you to a product or service, you are more likely to believe them than if you saw an ad for it. This is because referrals are based on personal experience, rather than on marketing hype.

  • Referrals are more targeted than other forms of marketing. When someone refers you to a product or service, they are likely to know that you are interested in it. This means that you are less likely to be bombarded with irrelevant marketing messages.

  • Referrals are more effective than other forms of marketing. Studies have shown that referrals are more likely to lead to sales than other forms of marketing, such as advertising or email marketing. This is because referrals come from people who you trust, and they are therefore more likely to be persuasive.

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